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The Abyssinian cat breed was first registered in England in 1882 and was said to be native to Ethiopia then known as Abyssinia. There is a marked similarity between the Abyssinian and the sacred cats of Ancient Egypt. One of the earliest known abys, 'Aluminium', was probably a silver. However the modern silver aby  owes its colour to a dilute gene and careful selective breeding.

Abyssinian cats are a lithe and graceful breed renowned for their intelligence and loyalty. They have a distinctive ticked coat silky to the touch, large expressive eyes, large cupped ears and a long tail. They are athletic cats, with an extroverted and playful personality making them an ideal companion.

Shayba is a boutique abyssinian cattery located a few minutes north of Ipswich within easy reach of Brisbane, Queensland.  Silver abyssinians  come in the stunning range of black, blue, cinnamon and fawn silver as well as the occasional solid colour. The kittens are raised in the home and are ready to be rehomed from about 14 weeks old. They are litter trained, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, desexed and registered with the QICC. Each comes with a kitten pack that includes an airline approved cat carrier and bed, pedigree, portfolio and helpful notes. Occasionally retired mature cats are available for rehoming.

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